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Industrial Transformation Framework

LNS Research defines Industrial Transformation (IX) as a proactive approach to achieving step-change improvement in manufacturing and other industrial operations through investments in people, process and technology capabilities. LNS visualizes this change through the Industrial Transformation Framework (see below), which contains five distinct functional initiatives ("swim lanes" in LNS parlance), each of which has its own leader within the organization.

At the highest level, the Business Objectives of IX are usually defined by the CEO and senior management: e.g., growth and profitability targets, and how these fit into the overall business strategy. 

The next level in the Framework is Strategic Initiatives, which usually also has a senior leader, e.g., a Chief Digital Officer who was hired to drive IX strategy. This level is where the pillars of people, process and technology are built across the enterprise. Our research shows that there are typically ten programs per initiative, meaning these are broad strategic initiatives.

For the next level in this framework, LNS has worked extensively on Operational Architectures and how they fit within IX. We often see hybrid roles driving Operational Architecture programs, including leaders of converged IT/OT (Operations Technology) teams. Most organizations have had "Enterprise Architecture" as an IT function and have mapped the deployment of business technologies over the decades, often around a large enterprise technology deployment, such as ERP or PLM. While these architectures may be sound, they usually do not reach down to operations technology being used in the plant, factory, or engineering teams. LNS advocates that companies take a holistic view across IT and OT and connect an Operations Architecture to business objectives and strategies.

LNS also works extensively with teams on solution selection, implementation, and change management; all of these are cross-functional. At this layer within our framework, we usually see technology leaders and line of business (LOB) leaders involved in projects. At these levels, it's extremely important to eliminate bias and find long-term partners rather than "technology providers."

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